Yeaaa – The Phone Call To Apple Worked!

Apple Got It Fixed!  Yeaaaaa.

I am happy and I truly mean this, that the phone call to Apple got their Website Boo Boo fixed.  Someone is on the ball in their Media center.

Hopefully someone will do the same for you if this happens.  But, my point still remains the same. If you were a small company and you had a major new client doing due diligence and they saw that, you could easily lose them and $100,000 or $20,000 could go up in smoke like that.

I would have called them before, but I was surprised that I was the only one that noticed or why no on would help alert someone there to what was going on.

Would not want to be in the room Monday for that butt chewing.

So, the lesson here is watch your Website and do someone a favor and let them know if a page is messed up.  It is tough out there and you may just save the company that one contract that keeps them in business.  Besides it is good Karma.  Now let’s see if they follow it up with a thank you. Coke did not, but oh well even if they don’t, it is Ok.  But if someone does this for you, at least say thanks! 🙂

Andrew Anderson

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