Why You Need An Online Marketing Plan

Marketing Blueprint  Easy Anderson.comDid you know…

That 85% of consumers check online before they buy?

Over 1 Billion local searches are performed every single month and this number is increasing at about 5% per month?

 98% of all searches choose a business on the first page of the search?

 That the vast majority of the 2% of the searches that continue past the first page choose a business from the second page?

 So basically, if you are not on the first two pages of the search, you are toast when it comes to local search.

 Did you know that the Yellow Pages Are DEAD?

 If you are spending money on Yellow page ads, did you know that you can spend the same amount elsewhere and get double the results pretty much GUARANTEED? Well, you can. We will show you where and how in a little bit.

 Forget About Google For A Minute

 How about your website? Does it have the basics? Does it meet the 5 main criteria that people look for when they find a business.

1. Do you even have a flipping website and blog?

2. Does it show up well in iPhones, iPads, and Droids? Well it better, because 67% of all Internet searches are done from Mobile devices these days and growing fast.

3. Do you have a Video that showcases your products/services?

4. Do you have a map to show people how to easily get there and have you claimed your Google Places Page if you are brick and

5. Do you have an Search Engine Optimization Blueprint?

 Not having anyone of these 5 things puts you at a huge disadvantage.

Think about this. Those companies that do have all 5 of these on track, they could be doing 200% to 500% more business than companies that don’t. It really is that simple.

But, you may be saying to yourself, I barely have time to keep up with the 3 gazillion things that I need to do now. How am I supposed to take care of these things too?

Well, that one is easy and that is what this is all about. Instead of you trying to find the time and learn everything you need to know about how to do this correctly, you hire someone to do it for you.  And while there are a lot of companies out that are saying they can do this, I do know one that does a really good job which I will tell you about in a bit.  But regardless, here is what you need to get done whether you do it or have someone else do it for you.

1. Google Place Page

2. Updated information about your business.

3. Social Media Set Up on Twitter and Facebook

4. Video profiling your products and services with your own YouTube Channel

5. Google Mapping

6. Optional Website Makeover – Take a look at your Website.  Honestly, does it look good or not? If not you had better get a new one that looks great. I really do suggest WordPress.  Because in the next 18 months if your site is not up to snuff, you may be out of business.

7. Submission to search engines

8. At least 4 Blog posts highlighting your product/services every month minimum

9. 1 Press Release

10. Ongoing monthly submissions to increase and maintain your search rankings.

So the next question is what is all of this going to cost me?  Well, typically 450 to $15,000 for an all out plan and you can expect to pay from about $350 to $5,000 a month. With most being some where in the middle and a few as much as $20,000 a month.

With that being said, this often times replaces most of the other advertising budget and you can actually see what your ROI is on the whole program.

If you have a brick and mortar business most people don’t think twice about spending $1,500 per month for rent and utilities, but they often have a hard time spending that much on maintaining the Web presence and yet the payoffs are huge.  So get your head wrapped around spending money on your site on a monthly basis and you will be a lot better off and so will your bottom line

You can be a lot of bang for you buck the more money you spend of course, but even if you can only start off with $1,500 and say $450 a month for maintenance, I highly suggest doing so.

Businesses that do will most definitely have the edge.

If you have an interest in speaking with someone that I know and trust about getting set up. Please just contact me and I will give you the run down.

Easy Anderson

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