Why Re-inventing The Wheel On Web Can Cost You Big Bucks

Acme Barber Shop
So, you are thinking about doing a new squeeze page, blog, or Website?  Maybe even a whole sales funnel or a membership site?

Well that is great, but the one thing that most people make the mistake of is doing something completely new and re-inventing the wheel.  Do not be tempted because it will more than likely cost you valuable time and money.

What you should do is find a site or any of the above that you know has sales and model what ever you are doing after them as closely as you can and then get base business coming in and then start split testing everything to see if your actual sales go up or down. When you find something that works better than you started with, only then do you introduce new changes.  Then you only keep the ones that work.

For instance I have tested ads that by simply changing one word, it brought in over a 687% better response rate.  While I am not saying plagiarize anything ever, ( we only leave that to politicians) model it as closely as you can.  Even changing the color of the buy button can change things for better or worse by over 20% in many cases.

While this may be common sense, hardly anyone ever does this when it comes to building things on the web.  I can say that from not only working with clients, but having done this myself in the past and I suspect that it cost me millions, if not tens of millions of dollars in revenues that I should have made.

I took this picture above of the Acme Barber Shop Established 1904. These folks wanted to be top of mind and first in the phone directory way back when and they have been since 1904.  They have not tried to re-invent the wheel since and it has served them well for over 110 years.  They get it.

Have a profitable day!
Andrew “Easy” Anderson

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