The “Not So Much Joke Of The Day” Where Is The Best Place To Quickly Hide A Body?

clockOK, I may or may not be starting a regular thing here with the “Not So Much Joke Of The Day”. The point being some of my best lessons have been learned why laughing. No this may be after I cried for awhile, but the laughter is what made it stick.

So here goes. Where is the best place to quickly hide a dead body? (yes I know it is redundant, unless you are into Zombies of course)To get the answer, left mouse click down to the question mark.  For you Apple users, you are on  your own. Been on one for 6 weeks now and still can’t figure that one out, but that is for another story.
Answer: On the second page of Google, no one ever goes there…


Let me know what you think.

Andrew Easy Anderson
Profit Consultant

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