Pinterest, Dwolla, And Spotting New Things

Spotting Things Before They Go Big!


Have to say and I am pretty lucky in  lot of ways. I get exposed to a lot of things before they go Pop.  Some of the stuff I can talk about and others I can’t.  Some I am involved with and others I just usually get on the beta test or get involved early on in the process.  I do seem to have a nose for this and I just realized that I have not been taking as much monetary advantage of these things as I should have.

Going to try and rectify that shortly. 🙂

Will give you just one example here. Back in October I was involved in putting together one of the first WordPress Plugins for Pinterest before it blew up. Does that count as big?

After we got it done, I meant to post about it and even get more active on it.  But, got busy and that was that.

I have also been involved in a couple of other ones recently as well.  While I have been so busy doing work, I think that I may have not done as much as I could have for my readers, i.e. you, as I could have.

That plus I did not have a consolidated place to post things. For instance is fairly new whereas one of my other blogs has been around for years and I have over 67,000 people on my RSS feed there and 64,000 (real) followers on Twitter.

I bring this up because of a couple of things. One I have been asked to do a weekly column on a very large weekly tech blog about new companies and spotting the big companies before they get that way.

That got me to thinking that I really need to do that here as well.

So to start pointing and say “Look Here”, going to start with a company that I don’t feel has gotten anywhere near the traction that it will yet.

That company is Dwolla, although they are getting bigger everyday, I don’t think that they have reached critical mass.  They are still about a very bright 8 year old using human analogy and I seriously think they end up taking over a huge chunk of the Internet Payment space by the time they are a teenager.

If you sell anything online, get hooked up with them. You really can’t afford not to trust me on this one.

Plus, I am told on a regular basis that Angel investors are having a hard time finding these companies in their infancy stages.

Well if that is your case, I run into at least one or two great ones every month that have the potential to blow past 50 to 100 million in value.

If you want to get on my list of observations of companies that are on their way up, then just put your email in the box below and when I find one that is worth a shout out, you will get an email.

The kicker is a lot these guys only need $5,000 to $15,000 to get the ball rolling or help them get past critical humps. Kind of hard to believe, but it is true.


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