Parts And Pieces- Building Your Marketing Tapestry

Building Your Marketing Tapestry

I have gotten asked several times over the past few weeks about which is best, be it SEO, Paid Advertising, Squeeze Pages, Marketing Copy, Videos, Social Media, and you name it to attract prospects and clients.

After they get done answering their own quesiton and getting excited about whatever it is they happen to be into at the moment,d I just pause for a few seconds or if I am feeling particularly ornery at the time, I will drag the silence out until they start asking me again.

My answer every single time is… 

All of the above, plus about 10 other things that you should be doing as well.

If you want to have more customers than you can handle, you need to build out each one of these and interweave them so that each one compliments each other so that everything you do is accretive.

That is how you build up your base of clients and potential customers.  It is not just one thing, but a tapestry that builds out a picture that constantly brings you prospects and clients.

This is not done overnight.  Depending on your budget and resources, it can be done over a matter of weeks or months, or even years.  It is a continually evolving process.

You may just start out with something very basic, but as time goes by you keep adding to it and it will get finer and more detailed and better at bringing you high quality customers that fit exactly to what you are selling.

Attracting Your Best Customers

These of course are the best type of customers to have. They have less returns, they take up less time, and they will buy more of what you have more often.

So, that is the basics of setting up your Marketing Tapestry and I will go into much further detail on how to build out each component to attract your most qualified prospects as we go along.  I will also tell you the best piece to start with to get the most bang for you buck.

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