Measuring Success

Measuring Success

It has been awhile since we have looked at the basics of marketing and measurements.  As Peter Drucker said, “What’s measured improves”  and so it goes.

It does not matter if you are measuring SEO/SEM, or direct sales, or how many visitors you have to your site,  the fact that you are measuring it can really help.

What we have in a lot of cases is an in-depth dashboard that allows you to see what is going on every single day in nearly every metric we have in our business.

Are you doing this?  Do you even know what is going on in your business as far as daily cash flow, visitors, customers, amount per sale, profit per visit?  How about your SEO results?  Or your advertising results?

If not, you really need to do this asap. I even if it is nothing more than an excel spreadsheet.  We will be examining some ways to build your own dashboard for your business so you can see exactly what is going on.

What is amazing is that you would not think of getting in your car and driving it if your dashboard was a complete blank and you did not know how much gas you had or how fast you were going or being able to tell what gear you were in…. But almost every business I know of does this with their business. They do not have a real time dashboard allowing them to know exactly what is going on in their business.

We are going to help you take care of that here shortly.

Here is one of the first free tools that you can start using to help you.

Dashboard Spy.  Good resource to get you going.


Andrew Anderson

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