Making Money With Social Media – How To Beat The Big Brands And Agencies

First off, we have been doing social media since the stone age in 1990.  Social media consisted of bulletin boards back then and internet access came with a screeching noise as your modem connected.  I have watched it evolve and change and also stay the same since them.  We have used it to promote our businesses and our clients.  I mean you have to eat your own dog food right?

Social social media is just another tool that when used right that can be highly beneficial and when used wrong can cause injury to your business.  Just like a good knife.

Easy Anderson’s Social Media Tips.

Tip #1.  “Social Media like brushing your teeth works best when done daily”  Even if you just spend 10 minutes a day on the various platforms, it beats spurts of effort.

Tip #2.  ” Make sure you are tracking leads and business that come in from it. Otherwise, why bother?”  This can be done easily by using a separate phone number and email that you get from Google for free so that you can tell how many calls and contacts you get, to asking where they heard about you, and offering coupon codes for any offers that you may have that you offer through Social Media.

Tip #3.  ” Don’t sell on social media ”  Just offer free advice so that people know that you know what the heck you are talking about”  Figure out how to help them and they will automatically want to buy from you over time. Actually give a shit, don’t fake it.  People can tell if you really care.

Tip #4.  ” Keep it simple and to the point”  ” If people have to think to get your message, they will do neither” .  Think great headlines and use pix whenever possible.

Tip # 5. ” Don’t worry about getting tons of likes or friends”  We have found that well over 50% of all social media people are fake profiles set up by marketers or not ever used. With Twitter we estimate that it is over 60% that are not real, so take your numbers with a grain of salt.

Tip #6.  ” Remember you are just renting space on Social Media platforms and you always want to be driving people to your site.  You can lose your account for no good reason or the platform can go belly up. Can anyone say MySpace?  So hook them with Social Media and then get them to sign up for your email list and at the very least, make sure your site can help them let you know that you can help solve their problems.

Tip #7.  ” Be positive and helpful, and most importantly “REAL”.  Follow these rules and you will get business if your product or service provides value.

Right now they are not talked about as much as the other, but if a business is actually looking to monetize their Social Media, Google+ and Linkedin blow away everything else by far, even though most of the Big Agencies don’t have a clue as to how to use them to make money for their clients. Which I think is GREAT! 🙂  Don’t you?

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