I Thought I Knew And More…

And I thought I knew….LOL
As I sit doing my every once in awhile inventory of what is swimming around in my noodle today, I actually woke thinking about the things that I thought that I knew.
My mental world started getting rocked pretty early as my parents seemed to enjoy a somewhat different lifestyle than most.  My Mom was a History and English teacher and my Dad worked in the Government with Computers way back when they were the size of a whole building and they were fairly well politically connected and because of this I got to do some very unique things at a young age.
I was also encouraged to explore pretty much anything my intellect desired.  Got to meet Governor’s, Senators, and Congressman from the Kennedy’s on down.But guess what?  When you tell your teacher your Mom and sister just had breakfast with the Governor that morning for show and tell and that you talked to him the day before next to Smokey The Bear and the Bat Mobile at the State Fair and you get called a liar in front of your classmates, you immediately become a jaded with stupid people before you are out of third grade. Who knew? 🙂

I figured out that truth be damned, adults believed what they wanted to no matter what.  In this case, Mrs. Jarvis was indeed a twit.  Is it any wonder I wrote her off as a twit at a tender age right then and there?  It took me a week to figure out that even though I had a crush on her, she was an idiot.  I have never been attracted to women with big calves or those that did not take me at face value since.

Anyway, I digress here, after the Kennedy’s, I realized that there was something not quite right with politicians and a lot of adults at a very early age.  🙂 I hung mostly around adults that were pretty smart for the most part, but I actually got to know and lose respect for most grown-ups as a whole.
So, I think I got the best of both worlds in that the farm grounded me, but hanging around a bunch of movers and shakers kind of rounded me out a bit.  I learned to appreciate the farm much more than the politicians.  At least the BS out there came out of the right end of the animals…LOL  Yes, I lead a rather strange childhood, but all in all a rewarding childhood at that.
I remember one of the first things that disabused me of the notion that things were the way you were told at school and what is out there publicly may not necessarily be true is that you can almost take to the bank that Alexander Graham Bell more than likely did not invent the telephone. Thanks, Mom!
It was actually a man named Elijah Gray that in fact did the deed.  They actually got to the patent office on the same day and eventually, Bell was given the patent.  But, Bell used a microphone invented by Gray and it was later admitted by the patent examiner on public record that Bell did, in fact, bribe him to let him look at Gray’s patent application and thus screw the pooch on old Gray.  I was shocked when I learned this as a kid.  I thought Bell was a prick, and still do…
This was kind of when I started to question everything.  Little did I know that I should have questioned even more.170px-From_the_Earth_to_the_Moon_by_Henri_de_Montaut_39
As for what many consider the first true motion picture, you may not know that Edison bribed a studio in France to obtain a copy of the Motion Picture De la Terre à la Lune.  It had the first special effects and stop action footage. He then had it subtitled and made millions off it here in America.  The original Director had great plans to come here to accolades and fortunes only to find it everywhere and he was paid nothing for it.
The other biggy that I actually discovered on my own by looking through some books from the 20s and 30’s was the in all likelihood the Wright brothers were not the first in powered flight and that in fact more than likely they were the 3rd in flight. Richard Pearse, in  Waitohi, New Zealand flew in March 31, 1902. Even before Pearse, in 1899 there was Gustave Albin Whitehead that according to several Newspaper’s and eyewitness reports flew nearly half of a mile well before the Wright’s were in the picture. He did so with dozens of reliable witnesses and there is documentation that he did over 50 flights. 

In my book, he was more than likely the first in flight, not the Wright brothers. Not only that, when the surviving brother donated the first plane to fly and other items to the Smithsonian in the 40’s he had it written in the legal contract that they could not investigate any other claims of first flight or they would lose the items.  He thus put nails in the coffin of any other claims by not allowing them to interview or investigates the surviving witnesses and materials. Pretty smart when you think about it, but since this is true it makes the Smithsonian complicit in a cover-up as far as I am concerned.  Arghhh.  As I posted tthis five years ago, a reporter just recently discovered this fact this year.  OYE Vaye…….

Did you know that the fax machine was actually invented in the late 1800’s and the TV was invented in the 1920’s by John Logie Baird?  The TV was kept off the market by the President of RCA ( prick the he was) whom started a personal vendetta and ruined the life of the man that invented it in order to “save” radio and was successful in suppressing the invention until the patent ran out and then he ran with it, nice guy.  Baird also invented Radar.  Perhaps you have heard of it? The first remotely guided torpedo was invented in the 1890’s by Tesla and he demonstrated that it actually worked but the Navy thought it was too sneaky.  This is absolutely true.  Tesla also invented the electric motor that you use every day in your dishwasher and dryer etc..
More recently, did you know that the Doctor Barry Marshall that discovered that ulcers are caused by bacteria almost lost his license to practice because the board thought he was nuts?  He finally ingested the bacteria and gave himself an ulcer and had another doctor diagnose him and then he gave himself a massive dose of antibiotic and then went back to the doctor to prove he was cured.  Kind of cool.  Now that is Moxy!
Did you know that P.T. Barnum did not utter the quote “There’s a sucker born every minute” and that a guy by the name of David Hannum did while suing Barnum?
Did you know that when the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock to settle America that the Indians already knew how to speak English poster-for-pt-barnum-circus-everettand Portuguese?  There had been fishermen from Europe coming to fish the Grand Banks for years and had taught them.  The Fisherman apparently decided that it was a nice place to visit but you would not want to live there, kind of like France or the District of Columbia.
Did you know that scientists have actually invented a transporter like the one in Star Trek and that it has worked? They have only been able to send one molecule so far but it does work.  Have not heard too much about that one as of late as I am sure it is now classified, but they did prove that it was possible.
Did you know that by around 45-BC the Greeks actually had invented a mechanical computer that could predict the moon’s orbit and when there would be an eclipse and that it was not too much bigger than a watch?
Did you know that the US has given away more money to charity than all of the other nations in the world combined?
This one I just ran into the other day on a fact-finding mission about why some states go easy on pedophiles (I think that they should be shot after being tortured by the way) in the US Department of Justice’s database.  Did you know that over 80% of all hate crimes are committed against Caucasians by other minorities?
Did you know that 1 dollar back in the 1940’s was equal to about 30 dollars today?  Did you know that the effective tax rate back then was only 3%?  That is why Mom could stay home and take care of the kids if she wanted to…
Did you know that around 1,000 years ago the Vikings were farming in Greenland where there are now Glaciers?Uncle Al Snake Oil Salesman :)
Did you know that since Al Gore’s movie has come out that over 30,000 of the world’s top scientist have signed a petition saying that he is wrong?  This is not surprising to anyone that has studied meteorology btw.  Also, it was just released the temperature stopped edging up in 1998?
Go figure…. and you thought snake oil salesman died out long ago, you were wrong.  Uncle Al takes the cake here folks. He has made an estimated $250 Million off of this hoax.  Global Warming stopped in 1998. 🙂  Whoops!
You may already know this but, America has produced more millionaires than all of the other countries combined. Did you know that our “poor” live better than the middle class in 90% of all other countries?   The US also has the highest percentage of home ownership, as well as the most car ownership as well as TVs, Computers, Cell Phones, Computers, and pets?
Did you know that during the 1800″ the Robber Barron’s as they were coined weren’t robbers at all?  They actually created more wealth per capita than any other group of people in the history of the world and that one of them actually bailed out the US Government with a personal loan? 
Andrew Carnegie for instance built over 1,000 public libraries with his own money. Many can be seen in towns all across the East and Midwest. This was before the government got involved with the redistribution of wealth in the 1900’s.
Rockefeller took the price of kerosene from about $1.2o to 10 cents a gallon by combining oil wells and new refinery methods, but pissed off a bunch of companies who bought off several US Senators and Congressman who passed laws to break up his business? Imagine that in light of today’s headlines. Corrupt Politicians and bureaucrats…go figure. 🙂
While the unemployment rate is about 23% real numbers here in the US today, did you know that it is 35% in France?  Yea, I want to be just like them…LOL
Also if you use the same unemployment measurements that they used during the Great Depression that the numbers today are actually higher than they where then back in the 1930’s?   How about that one?  Check them out here…http://www.shadowstats.com/
Some of the other things that I have learned is that good friends are a rare find and that if you replace people that made you cry with people that make you laugh you are much better for it.I am glad to know is that there still is a Santa Clause, an Easter Bunny, and Leprechauns though.   These truths make me happy, especially when I see the smiles they put on kids faces, both young and old.

Just remember, you are being lied to on a regular basis. Count on it, question it and dig deeper, especially if you want to make money.  As my grandfather used to say, do not believe anything you hear, only 1% what you read and 10% of what you see.

Andrew “Easy” Anderson

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