Did Amazon Just Really Say This

Amazon Sent This To Me In Response To Me Telling Them We Don’t Work Every Weekend

They were dorking my seller metrics because I was getting back to people on Monday if they sent an email over the weekend. So I asked them about this. Here is the response I got. LOL


I have read your e-mail and I understand that you are concerned about the late responses metrics. I would like to inform you that a seller needs to reply to the buyer messages within 24 hours and not within 72 hours, irrespective of it being a Saturday or a Sunday. This is because the system does not recognize Saturday and Sunday as non-business days. In order to avoid this situation in the future, it is advisable that you respond to a buyer’s message as soon as possible. – Amazon

OK, does anyone else think that this is silly besides me? You are telling me that Amazon can not write a script letting them know that you don’t work on Saturday or Sunday if you are selling things on Amazon?

What do you think?


Easy Anderson


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