Bullet Proof Coffee – Your Great-Grandma Used To Have It Every Morning

Bullet Proof Coffee – Your Great-Grandma Used To Have It Every Morning

A Better Alternative To Bullet Proof Coffee

Kudos to the unique marketing twist that Bullet Proof Coffee is doing on your Great-Grandma’s Coffee.
If you have not heard of it, they basically put butter into coffee. Presto! As more and more science comes out, or in as this one, it is rediscovered fat is good.

Fats And Cholesterol Are Good For Your Brain!

Our brains run off of fat. Mainly cholesterol.  It is also what testosterone is made of… which is why when they erroneously said cholesterol is bad for you, the need for help in the sex department came into play. Can you say viagra? Also just to note, having high cholesterol does not mean you have or will get heart disease. In fact, there is plenty of research that indicates the exact opposite.
The main study on cholesterol has been debunked.

Having not enough cholesterol can actually give you all kinds of problems. This is good story on 6 Cholesterol Myths Debunked.

Back to Grandmas coffee. Back in the old days they would put heavy cream into their coffee which provided all of the fats that your brain needs to get kick started in the morning. Bullet Proof Coffee on steroids!

Pasteurization and Homogenization Are Not Good

Two big differences here. One the cream was not pasteurized or heated to a high temperature which destroys enzymes and nutritional values and it was not homogenized. They started pasteurizing milk because they started high intensity farming and feeding cows grains which sets lowers their immune systems, just like in humans. Check out the book Wheat Belly for more info on this.

Because the cows immune systems are compromised because of grain feed and over crowding, they had to start giving them antibiotics to fight infections in their udders because off all of the puss that was getting into the milk. In most non organic milk, they allow quite a bit of puss to be in the milk, but when it is homogenized you don’t notice it. Which brings up the next point.

Of the two homogenization may be the worst. What they do is force the milk fat threw tiny holes and high pressure or in a blender and it rips apart the fat chains and proteins so they can’t clump together. What happens is our bodies do not recognize these short and mutilated fat chains as food and it can set up an immune reaction and they are not easily digested. This is really bad OK.

So if you are going to do bullet proof coffee, just having organic is not enough, you should try and get homogenized and pasteurized butter. Or better yet, just get heavy cream that is organic, non-homogenized, and non-pasteurized.

This can be kind of tough as the big milk producers bought off a whole bunch of state legislatures and made it illegal to sell in many states.  I know crazy right? That is a whole other blog on how that happened. Just let me say it was and is a very slimy corrupt business.

Here is a great resource on raw milk and why pasteurization and homogenization are not good for you. The Weston Price Foundation. They also found that raw milk will help you prevent cavities. Weston Price was the precursor to pretty much the Paleo Diet and Wheat Belly, and Bullet Proof Coffee. There is some mind blowing studies and information here that you will not find anywhere else.

Here is a link on where to find Raw Milk in your area as well.

Mycotoxins In Coffee Myth

One of the other things that is spoken about in Bullet Proof Coffee is it talks about is fungus in coffee. As a mushroom grower and beer maker I am pretty well up on Fungus, Molds, And Mushrooms. In that, if you are not, you can’t grow mushrooms or make beer. Here is a great article on the Myth of Mycotoxins in your coffee that Bullet Proof uses as a sales point.

I am not totally discounting it by any means, but it is perhaps something that you do not need to worry about.

Organic Healthy Coffer For $5.75 A Pound

I also have to point out that I also roast my own organic coffee and I have found them to be as healthy and as flavorful as you can get. Also not only are they the best and most healthy in my humble opinion, they are the least expensive  as well. I get my Organic Coffee from Deans Beans for about $5 to $6 a pound. That is not a typo. Dean is one awesome guy!

I just did a video on roasting your own coffee at home and will try and post it shortly.

Here is a link to Organic Guatemalan Coffee for $5.75 a pound. 

Adding Coconut Oil

So if you really want to up your game, you take several tablespoons of heavy whipping cream or raw butter and then you add a good teaspoon of Organic Coconut oil to it. This will give your brain such a huge boost it is not even funny.

So basically your Great-Grandma was  way ahead of the curve on this.


Andrew Anderson

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