Bing Beats Google At Common Sense Marketing On Easter

Bing Beats Google At Marketing




Bing did something very smart and Google did what could be the epitome of stupid and insensitive today from a marketing stand point.

On one of the holiest days of the year for several billion people, they have a picture of a progressive union organizer of dubious nature, Ceasar Chaez versus what Bing has on their main page, Easter Eggs.  As a marketer, you have to be sensitive to these things and not let your ego or your political views get in the way.

But then again you may not be aware of this, Eric Schmidt the current CEO of Google is pro-global warming, pro-union, and pro-progressivism (i.e. government should control most things, think Socialism on steroids) and he wants to ban and have a termination of all uses of oil, gas, and coal immediately.  So, apparently this comes down to a political statement on Easter day.

But this is not just a political statement from the CEO of a very powerful company.  We are just talking about marketing here. Which one do you think is more appropriate?  How many people is Google going to upset versus how many people is Bing going to put a smile on their faces today.

Mark my words, this could mark a turning point in the Search Wars if Bing can capitalize on it from a marketing standpoint.  It really is that big of a deal…

And remember, do not do anything this stupid in your marketing. Use common sense and you will beat 99% of the people out there as you can see from examples like this.

Happy Easter!

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