AWeber And Infusionsoft Can Now Be Considred Spam By Google

If you don’t know, I have noticed that both AWeber, Infusionsoft, and even iContact emails can be considered as spam by Google.  This is great news for those of you that do not use these services, but not so great news for you of those that do.

The best way to send things for those of you that have your own dedicated servers is through your own Website of course. If you sign up for my email list up in the right hand corner, then you can see what I mean.

This comes from and not though another service.  That way you also control your list, and you do not get treated like a two year old by your email company.

If you are running WordPress, there are number of plugins that can help and we are actually developing one now that we hope to launch here in a little bit.

If you want to check and see if your out going email is considered spam, I have a great little tool for you and I will also be sharing solutions for you as well.



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