“Hacked PCs falsify billions of ad clicks”

This is from the Financial Times today.  Cool huh?

The botnets posted billions of clicks on ads.  Now doesn’t that make you feel better about your adword spend?

Ad Bot Fraud

Ad Bot Clicker

This is actually old news for those of us in the biz and has been going on for years.  Although we do run adwords campaigns and are very good at it, I always try and get our customers to put that money into ongoing SEO. This way you know that the clicks you are getting are more likely to be real.

Depending on how you do your spends, you can see 30% of your clicks being bots.
A first page listing on Google is worth 9x more than that same ad on that page, just because of the number and quality of clicks you are going to get.  Something to remember.

Andrew “Easy” Anderson
Profit Consultant