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Building Your Marketing Tapestry

I have gotten asked several times over the past few weeks about which is best, be it SEO, Paid Advertising, Squeeze Pages, Marketing Copy, Videos, Social Media, and you name it to attract prospects and clients.

After they get done answering their own quesiton and getting excited about whatever it is they happen to be into at the moment,d I just pause for a few seconds or if I am feeling particularly ornery at the time, I will drag the silence out until they start asking me again.

My answer every single time is…  Continue Reading

Spotting Things Before They Go Big!


Have to say and I am pretty lucky in  lot of ways. I get exposed to a lot of things before they go Pop.  Some of the stuff I can talk about and others I can’t.  Some I am involved with and others I just usually get on the beta test or get involved early on in the process.  I do seem to have a nose for this and I just realized that I have not been taking as much monetary advantage of these things as I should have.

Going to try and rectify that shortly. 🙂

Will give you just one example here. Back in October I was involved in putting together one of the first WordPress Plugins for Pinterest before it blew up. Does that count as big? Continue Reading

Dwolla The Credit Card Killer With Easy Anderson

How Dwolla May Just May Be The Meteor That Makes Other Payment Methods Extinct For Many Business Transactions , Plus All Of Those High Fees Too!

This is an interview that I just did with Dwolla, which as far as I am concerned is a Credit Card killer.  It might also take a big bite out of PayPal as well.  If you do any business or transactions online or need to help support relatives by sending them money (kids, lazy in-laws etc 🙂 ) this is the way to go!

Why? Try no fee for sales under $10 and…  Just have to listen or read the interview to find out more.

Oh, and of course, it is in my highly scripted and under control interview style that you all know! 🙂

All kidding aside, check this out. We are building apps for it right now and if you need help implementing it, please contact us.  I LOVE this service!!! OK, here we go.

Continue Reading

A Primer On Capitalism And Why I Love Entrepreneurs

This excerpt below is why I love Entrepreneurs and business people and can think of no higher calling than that. Really, I mean it.  If you read what I am about to give you, you will understand why.

I am going to include the following excerpt from “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand a Russian immigrant (legal) that came to America in the 20’s to escape from Communist Russia

This book was given to my by a friend exactly at the right time for me a few decades ago.  Rand was the first writer-philosopher-thinker that I had ever read thought like I did about money and she also named several types of people that I had run into over the years on a constant basis due to my family’s heavy involvement in politics… Namely Moochers…   For that, I am forever grateful because when you can name something, it gives your power over it.

This book helped steer me on my life’s path and why I knew that I wanted to work with Entrepreneurs because I realized that what they did and do is the best of what Man is…

If you have never read or listened to “Atlas Shrugged”  I highly suggest it as a primer in Capitalism as it will give you a better understanding about what is going on in the US and around the world as a whole.  Plus she defines my idea of Capitalism to a T.  Now she goes to some extremes to prove her points, but even though it was written nearly 60 years ago it has an eerie resemblances to what is currently happening. Continue Reading

Why What You Think The Outcome Will Be In Life Matters More Than Ever

So you think you are going to do well with your next Marketing Campaign or dealing with a loved one or colleague? This is good because if you don’t, it impacts the outcome of your campaign and just outcome, believe it or not. Read on and you will find out why.

As an update, there have been some recent experiments in Quantum Physics that prove this theory out to a scary degree. The experiments prove that intention does indeed have a measurable effect on the outcome of Quantum reactions.

Every once in awhile, a light bulb goes on for me (incandescent ones, I don‘t do fluorescents. Hey the Air Force banned them for a reason) when thoughts come together that have been brewing for some time.

I happened to be going through some of the piles of books that I have and came across “The Power of Positive Thinking In Business” by Scott W. Ventrella.

I had read and own a first run copy of Norman Vincent Peal’s classic, “The Power of Positive Thinking.” Good book indeed and runs along with “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Continue Reading